For Small Businesses – Bookkeeping

Most business owners start their own business because of a deep love for what they are doing. Whether it is providing a personal service, such as hair stylists, realtors, attorneys, car mechanics, consultants, or massage therapists, or selling a unique product, such as exotic food, designer soaps, handmade crafts, or custom jewelry, owners of these types of business want to focus on their expertise and their customers. Keeping track of the income and expenses is, for them, a necessary evil.

Checks & Balances for You can structure a cost-effective package of services to take this burden off the busy entrepreneur and provide them the information they need to be successful, without all the hassle. Using the right technological tools, we can simplify the financial operations and free up the business owner’s time and energy for their passion. Our work can be done at our client’s office, using their software, or we can set up the books using our QuickBooks on our computers.

Small business bookkeeping services may include:

  • Paying bills
  • Balancing and reconciling checkbook, credit cards, and other accounts
  • Filing and paying monthly, quarterly, and annual tax filings, including payroll
  • Monitoring accounts for unusual activity
  • Intervening and addressing problems with billing
  • Organizing documents: paper files and electronic files
  • Assembling documents for tax preparation
  • Business projections
  • Reporting on Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
  • Setup and training in use of QuickBooks, if desired

We also provide, as a free service to our clients, Notary services and we can tailor special projects to address a variety of individual needs.