How We Work

Initial Interview

Checks & Balances for You offers a free hour-long consultation with the client needing services. At the client’s choosing, a family member or caregiver is also encouraged to attend. During this meeting we review the client’s needs and the services we can provide to address those needs.

Proposal/Letter of Engagement

From the information gathered, Checks & Balances for You will develop a proposal that clearly states:

  • ongoing services that we will provide and any optional services available on request;
  • services that we will not provide;
  • fees for our services and billing arrangements; and
  • information, documents, and authorizations we need from the client.

The client’s signature on the Letter of Engagement initiates the services.


The proposal will describe how the services will be delivered. For example we can:

  • provide services at the clients’ locations or electronically;
  • pick up mail or have it sent to our post office box;
  • hand write checks for our clients’ signatures or use online bill pay; and
  • meet with clients as often as is warranted.

Our services will be tailored to best suit each client’s needs, allowing our clients to maintain their independence while having time for the things in life that are most important.